What is a digital viewing and how does it work for me as a landlord?

What is a video viewing?

A video viewing offers a safe and smooth option when you're unable or doesn't want to meet in the accommodation during the viewing. Being open for digital viewings will increase the chances to find a tenant outside of your area. 

In short, the process is the following:

1. When creating the and selecting viewing time slots, you decide whether you want to meet applicants in the accommodation and/or digitally in a video viewing.

2. The applicant books a viewing based on the available time slots and viewing types, whereafter you'll receive a confirmation.

3. In case of a video viewing, you can join the viewing through the link that is sent out 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

In the following guide, we describe the process before, during and after the viewing.

1. Select your preferred viewing types

When editing your ad and selecting available time slots, also select whether you prefer viewings in your home, video viewings or whether you're open for both options.

When an applicant books a viewing, they can choose viewing type based based on your input. You will thereafter receive a confirmation by email and SMS with the viewing details, including viewing type. 

We recommend the you confirm the viewing details with the applicant using Samtrygg's chat and if you decide to meet another time, we recommend that you reschedule the time through Samtrygg's system. 

Just like when you and a possible future tenant meet in the accommodation, it's always a good idea to clean the accommodation before the viewing. Think about in which order you'd like to show the different parts of that accommodation and be prepared to answer possible questions.

On the Viewings page, you'll find all upcoming and passed viewings and from here you can also join the digital viewings by clicking the corresponding Join video viewing button. 5 minutes before the viewing both parties will receive a reminder per SMS and email with a link to the Viewings page.

In order to show your accommodation we recommend you to use your smartphone or tablet. Make sure that your device is charged and have a stable Internet connection before the digital viewings.

Click "Join video viewing" to join the viewing.

During the viewing

If your browser asks whether you'd like to allow Google to user your microphone and camera, please select "Allow". If you've, at an earlier point, selected to not allow your browser to use the microphone and camera you migght need to update your setting. See more information on how to do this here. https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2693767

 (Example of what this looks like in Safari)

Some browsers might block popups - in this case you can proceed by clicking the Join video viewing button.

It might last between 10 to 15 seconds before you've admitted into the meeting. While connecting, you'll see the message "Asking to join". When you've been let in, you will see Samtrygg's bot among the participants. Samtrygg does not, however, participate personally in the meeting and you can therefore not ask questions directly. 

When both parties have joined the viewing, it's time to start the viewing. It's up to you as a landlord to decide on how to structure the video viewing. Make sure that you'll give a positive and truthful picture of your possible future tenant. Change between the cameras in order to present both yourself and your accommodation. 

After the viewing

After the viewing, it's time to review and decide whether you're interested to rent out to this applicant. This is done on the Viewings page, either by loggin in manually or by following the link you'll receive per SMS and email after the viewing.

Common questions

The applicant didn't show up, what to do now?

The absence might be due to a misunderstanding or technical issues. Send a chat message to the applicant and check whether it's possible to book a new viewing. After the viewing, you are asked to review the viewing and in this case you can select "The applicant didn't show up"

There's something wrong with the audio

Check this article: https://support.google.com/meet/answer/10620276?hl=sv&ref_topic=7290455

There's something wrong with the camera(s)

Check this article https://support.google.com/meet/answer/10621292?hl=sv&ref_topic=7290455

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