How does Samtrygg's subletting-insurance work?

Customized Safety-package

Usually home insurance, regardless of the type of accomodation, covers personal estate in the dwelling, and for condominiums fixed interior as well. However, regular home insurance is not adapted to subletting and does not always cover damages that can occur during the rental period. Therefore, Samtrygg has developed a tailor-made solution for subletting - in order to make you feel completely safe! Read more about our subletting-insurance here.
Our subletting-insurance covers the following:
  • Movable and fixed furnishings (not covered by home insurance)
  • Up to SEK 1,000,000 in damages
  • Intentional damage (also fixed interior for a condominiums)
  • Loss of rent due to damage
  • All risk (allrisk) on the movable furnishings (as well as fixed interior condominiums)
In order for the subletting-insurance to be valid, both the lessor and the tenant must have a regular home insurance. For a condominium apartments, a supplement for fixed furnishings is needed. Samtrygg cooperates with the insurance company Hedvig, which offers home insurance without a binding period and which is compatible with Samtrygg's subletting insurance. More info on Hedvig's home insurance and how to sign up for it can be found here.
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