What is included in the Safety-package when I am subletting?

Guaranteed Payments

Rent for up to 12 months guaranteed, in case of a non-payment, Samtrygg will step in and pay the rent to you every month - on time. Should the tenant not pay, Samtrygg's Safety-package covers the rent for up to 12 months. 
A common cause of problems between a landlord and a tenant is the risk of late payments. This, according to a survey conducted by Novus on behalf of Samtrygg in 2017. On the question "What problems have you experienced when subletting your home?" 51% replied that they experienced problems in the form of late payments. 28% said that they had experienced missing payments. To eliminate this uncertainty and the risk of fraud Samtrygg takes the role of an economic intermediary and ensures that you as a landlord get the rent paid on time each month. The tenant pays the rent to us and we pay the rent to the landlord. If for any reason the tenant is unable to pay, our guarantee covers this and you, the landlord, will receive the rent for up to 12 months despite the tenant's failure to pay rent to us.''

Verified tenants

We have a database with a large number of tenants and we verify all of them prior to any sublet contract being signed. We use their social security number to conduct a credit check. Everything in order to make you feel safe and secure to sublet your home.
"In order to secure your rental and reduce the risk of delayed or missed payments, we verify all tenants by taking a credit check, deposit or guarantor. Samtrygg score is an overall assessment where economic variables weigh heavily."

Secure subletting-contracts

Whether you are subletting or renting a home through Samtrygg, it is of the utmost importance that you establish a proper subletting contract. It is important that you do not forget to agree on all important aspects - this is made sure by using Samtrygg's standardized rental sublet contract, which is easy to adapt to every specific situation. Our sublet contracts are adapted to all types of accomodations, from tenancy-apartments to condominiums, houses and room tenants.

Safety Insurance

Usually home insurance, regardless of the type of accomodation, covers personal estate in the home, and for condominiums fixed interios as well. However regular home insurance is not adapted to subletting and does not always cover damages that can occur during the rental period. Therefore, Samtrygg has developed a tailor-made solution for subletting - in order to make you feel completely safe! Read more about our Safety insurance.
  • Movable and fixed furnishings (not covered by home insurance)
  • Up to SEK 1,000,000 in damages
  • Intentional damage (also fixed interior for a tenant-owned apartment)
  • Loss of rent due to damage
  • All risk (allrisk) on the movable furnishing (as well as fixed furnishings for a condominium)

Legal advice

We offer all our clients, landlords and applicants 30 minutes of free legal advice, if need, with our lawyer. If you need help interpreting contract sections or any other advice in conjunction with subletting our lawyer is at your disposal and will help you sort out the laws and regulations - all to make the rental process as safe as possible!


We market all sublets on our own homepage as well as on Blocket and Facebook and possibly on our social media channels.

Help and support

Our customer service is available to support both landlords and home applicants through all parts of the process - before, during and after the rental. We can help you with the search and matching process, create contracts, arrange insurance and are available for support throughout the whole rental period. Customer service is available on telephone weekdays at 09-16 or via email kundtjanst@samtrygg.se
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