How do I get BankID?

How do I get access to Mobile BankID?

Samtrygg wants all parties to feel as secure as possible when renting or renting out. After several years of experience, we have come to the conclusion that electronic signing increases security. If you do not have a BankID or Mobile BankID, you can easily obtain one through your internet bank. If, for any reason, you do not have access to an internet bank, contact your regular bank for further support. You can read more about our signing process here.

How does it work when signing a sublet contract?

The lease is signed electronically via BankID or Mobile BankID. Thereafter, all parties will receive a signed lease via email. The lease is also available when you log in to your profile under “Contract”. Both parties need to agree on the rental-period and other sublet contract parameters. In the lease, the tenant and the lessor can make changes and additions as they see fit.
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