How do I book a viewing?

Book a viewing

Log in to our website with your personal password in order to access your profile. Go to “My Matched Homes”, “My Saved Homes” that you find on your profile or “Find Housing” in the search field and select the homes you are interested in. On each side of the property, there is a red button with the text "Contact/Book viewing”. Click on that to book a viewing.

The landlord has already specified suitable times for the viewing, which you can choose from and book in accordance to what suits you. You will then receive a confirmation via email and SMS, as well as information about the address and viewing infiormation. Once you've scheduled a viewing, you can chat directly with the landlord. It is always good to contact the landlord prior to the viewing to confirm the scheduling and ask any questions before the viewing.

Other things to consider:

  • The viewing is personal which means it is extra important to arrive on time.
  • You can, of course, cancel a viewing if necessary. In this case, you need to cancel as soon as possible or at the latest 24 hours before the viewing.
  • The number of viewings per object is often limited and we apply a "first come, first serve" policy. If it should be that you did not get a chance to view the object you were interested in, you can queue and then Samtrygg will inform you if and when free times are available.
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