Benefits of renting a home with Samtrygg

Screening of ads

We carefully review all of the ads before they are published on our platform and make sure to inform all landlords about applicable laws and regulations when you sublet an apartment. We also inform landlords about how to receive the proper permits and how to calculate a reasonable rent. Our aim is that you as a housing applicant feel safe that the housing rentable from us is in accordance with Swedish law.

No deposit (if you are creditworthy)

Samtrygg will carry the whole risk as long as you as a housing applicant are creditworthy. If you are approved when we do a credit check you do not have to pay a deposit. This is all to reduce the risk of fraud. If you are not approved you can choose to either pay a deposit or have a guarantor. If you do not have a Swedish social security number you cannot submit to a credit check.

No advanced payment frauds

Frauds are unfortunately quite common on the subletting market. According to the Swedish National Board of Housing, as many as 10% on the subletting market become victims of advance payment frauds and do not receive their payed deposit back. Having Samtrygg as an intermediary removes the risk of advance payment fraud. Samtrygg takes all of the risks.

Payments guaranteed

As a tenant, you pay your rent to Samtrygg and we refer it to the landlord on the specified payment date each month. We guarantee that the rent will be paid on time every month.

Secure leases

Regardless of if you are looking to rent or sublet an apartment, it is important that you establish a proper subletting contract. Do not forget to prearrange anything important. To help with this Samtrygg has a standardized lease that is easy to adapt to the specific needs of your situation. Our leases are adaptable to all kinds of housing: housing-cooperatives (condominiums), houses, tenancy-apartm and room tenants.

Customized Subletting Insurance

In general, regardless of type of housing the home insurance covers all of the personal estate, and for condominiums the fixed interior as well. However, regular home insurance is not adapted to subletting arrangements and does not always cover the damage that can occur during the rental period. Samtrygg has therefore developed a tailor-made solution when you sublet - in order for you to feel completely safe. You can read more about our Subletting Insurance here.
Our subletting insurance covers the following:
  • Personal estate (that is not covered by your home insurance)
  • Fixed interior in your condominium (that is not covered by your home insurance)
  • Up to 2 000 000 SEK in damages
  • Deliberate damage (including fixtures in condominiums)
  • Loss of rent due to damage
  • All risk (i.e. allrisk) for personal estate (and fixed interior in condominiums)

Free legal advice

We offer all our clients, landlords and tenants 30 minutes of free legal advice, if needed, with our lawyer. If you need help interpreting sections of sublet contract or need advice of any kind regarding subletting, our lawyer is at your disposal and will help you sort out the laws and regulations - all to make the subletting process as secure as possible.

Personal help and service

Our appreciated customer service helps you and is available to support both landlords and tenants throughout the renting process. Customer service is involved in making sure everything goes right - before, during and after the rental. We help you with the search and matching process, create sublet contracts, arrange subletting-insurance and are available for support throughout the rental period.
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