Rental Guide - Here's how it works

Guide for subletting with Samtrygg

Here you can read about the process of subletting a home with Samtrygg - from the publication of your ad until the subletting contract is signed. 

1. Publish your ad

Publishing your ad is simple. Before the contract with your future tenant is signed, you're not committed to anything. Both to publish an ad and to use our Safety package is completely free for landlords.

2. Let the tenant find you

Our database contains more than 100 000 housing applicants. With our Safety package, you don't need to worry about payments or that something will happen to your home. You can just focus on finding a tenant that is suitable for you.

3. House/apartment viewings

For the viewings, applicants simply choose amongst times that you have selected as suitable for you through our platform. As soon as an applicant has made a booking you will be shown his or her profile. If you, for any reason, feel that the applicant is not the right candidate you may cancel the viewing.

4. Choose your tenant

Once you have held as many viewings as you like you are requested to review your applicants and specify which of them you would want as tenants. Samtrygg will perform credit checks on each one of them to ensure your safety.

5. Create a sublet contract

In the past, many have found it difficult to write sublet contracts. Our standardized contracts can be adapted to every conceivable situation to contain all the necessary details. We will guide you through the whole process.

6. Sign the sublet contract

Once both you and the tenants feel satisfied with the sublet contract all that remains is the signing. To make it as safe and easy as possible for you we utilize electronic signings through BankID. All it takes to sign a deal is a push of a button, simply through your internet bank.

7. Your home is ready to be subletted!

Now all you need to do is to hand over the keys to your tenant and let him or her move in.
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