Can I sign a contract without attending a viewing?

It is possible to sign a contract without attending a viewing. Generally, this can be done in one of the two following ways:

1. Direct Application

With our new service Direct Application, you can attend a digital viewing directly through your phone or your computer. An associate at Samtrygg has visited the accomodation and photographed it in 3D-format. Safe and easy for both parties!

If an object is available for Direct Application, this is clearly stated on its website.

2. Ask someone near you to attend the viewing or arrange a viewing as a video call  

If the housing is not available for Direct Applications, and you won't be able to attend the viewing in person, we recommend this procedure:

- Select an available viewing time later than the next day.- Ask the landlord if it's possible that a family member or friend of yours will attend the viewing in your place. It might also be possible to arrange the viewing as a a video call.It's always the landlord who decides whether it's ok to either let someone else attend the viewing in your place or to show the housing as a video call.Please note that you'll need to cancel the viewing at least 24 hours before it is scheduled if you can't attend the viewing or you haven't made an arrangement with the landlord to organize the viewing in a different way.

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